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Eldon is an artist working and living in Carmel Valley, California. Eldon's work is seen in many homes and offices and can be seen in his Carmel Valley Gallery by appointment. Eldon began painting in high school, but did not take art classes until college. He studied with Richard Rasmussen at Whitman College and with the artist John Ford of the Picture House in Walla Walla, Washington. He learned drawing and watercolor from Rasmussen. John Ford showed him the ins and outs of oil painting and taught composition which focused heavily on principles espoused by Buckminster Fuller. Working in the Picture House Gallery next to the Whitman College campus exposed Eldon to the wonderful life of the gallery world, the excitment of the art show parties, and the wonderful variety of people in the art culture. At Whitman, Eldon also studied theatrical scenery design, painting and drafting and painted scenery under the instruction of Jack Freimann (John Raymond Freimann, Jr.) who had been designing and painting stage scenery in New York. Eldon received his Master of Fine Arts from Stanford University, where he studied art history, drafting and perspective. For the Stanford Reperatory Theater he painted stage scenery with scenic artist Davis West, who was at that time the scenic artist for the San Francisco Opera. From Davis, Eldon learned to create big scenes from little sketches and to mix color accurately to match any color desired. When Assistant Professor at the University of Denver, Eldon taught lighting design, drafting, including architectural perspective, and scenic painting. He painted many shows, including one for the Central City Opera. During the past few years Eldon has left his inclination to paint impressionistic landscapes, abstract impressionistic flowers and such, and has moved to pure abstract, perhaps towards an abstract expression. He began to explore using pure line while playing with a computer drawing program producing Jazz Trio, Man with Hand, and the Bass Player. When filling in the blanks with color, he went off into his "ala Mondrian" phase, which is still influencing his composition. At present Eldon's painting is an expression of himself, with no encumbrances from outside, producing fresh uninhibited glimpses of his complicated, sometimes whimsical, secret interior. To see a representative example of Eldon's work move onto Eldon's Gallery. To see comments of an exhibit at Stanford click this link.

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Eldon is Larry Davidson (Lawrence Eldon Davidson).

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